Intro to Google Earth Engine Workshop Homepage

Welcome to the homepage for Google Earth Engine 101 workshop.


The workshop is split into 12 lessons, and takes place over three 2-hour sessions. Please refer to the schedule for exact times.

Day 1

  • GEE overview presentation
  • 1 Client vs Server
  • 2 Hello, Images
  • 3 Computations on Images
  • 4 Spatial reductions

Day 2

  • 5 Image collections
  • 6 Vectors
  • 7 Functions
  • 8 Mapping functions
  • 9 Reducing Collections

Day 3

  • 10 Cloudmasks
  • 11 Charts
  • 12 Exporting data
  • Wrap up

The workshop is intended to get you comfortable with coding in the Code Editor, as such all course materials are available in the GEE101 repository.

Each lesson is divided into three parts: Demo, Problem, and Solution. We’ll spend a few minutes going over some demo code together to introduce concepts, and then cut you loose to try tackling a problem in the Problem script. The Problems are pretty similar to the Demo, but give you a chance to try it for yourself. After the majority of the class has indicated they are ready to move on, we can review the Solution and talk through any questions.


1. Sign up for a Google Earth Engine account at least one week before the workshop

Sign in with your Google credentials, and complete the application. It may take several days for your application to go through.


2. Check your application status

Visit the Code Editor. If your application was successful, you should see something like this, with your profile icon in top right.


If your application was unsucessful, you might see something like this:


If you have followed the instructions on the error page, and are still not able to log in, please contact the workshop instructors.

3. Get to know the Code Editor

Open the Code Editor. Take the Feature Tour by clicking the grey ? button in the upper right corner.

4. Load the class repo, save a copy

Access the class repository. In the Scripts tab on the left side of the Code Editor, scroll down to the “Reader” section and click on the GEE101 repository “users/caseyengstrom/GEE101”. Open the first script “00a - Javascript Demo”.

  1. Alter the script by typing a comment. Type two forward slashes // followed by some text, and it will turn green. Comments will be ignored by the computer, but are highly useful for collaborators or your future self to understand a script. Click ‘Yes’.
  2. A pop-up window should tell you that this file is read-only, and ask if you would like to make a copy of it. Click yes. save1
  3. Another prompt will ask you to create a new repository (essentially, a collection of folders to store your scripts). Name it something like “myGEE101”. Now save your copy of the script to your new repo. save2
4. Complete the Javascript Basics lesson in the Code Editor.

Read through the Lesson 0 Demo “00a - Javascript Demo”. Make sure you understand the concepts listed at the top of the script. Test your knowledge with the Lesson 0 Problem Set “00b - Javascript Problem”. Check your answer against the solution key “00c - Javascript Solution”.


These materials were originally developed by Nick Clinton, Google Earth Engine Developer Relations, and heavily modified by myself. This workshop was supported by the Simon Fraser University Library Research Commons.